Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing & Lead Generation

I dipped my toes into online lead generation while working for Michigan’s second largest community college. I discovered that most searches in our county were actually for another out-of-county community college entirely, so I built a campaign redirecting those searches.

That experience served me well when I started working for Cryoport, Inc., a very fast-growing supply chain company. In about a year, I grew our monthly online leads from around 12-15 to 130, all for a much better ROI. I also crafted content marketing pieces (supplying the writing and graphics myself) for Cryoport’s distinctly different audiences.

To cover gaps in my self-taught marketing experience, I earned my Digital Marketing Professional Certification from the American Marketing Association in Dec. 2021.

I am currently the digital marketing manager at KeyShot, a software used by industrial designers. Until recently the software has had little competition and essentially sold itself, but now the company is setting the foundation for proper brand and market positioning. My job is to work with the product and creative teams to determine the story we want to tell — and to tell it well. I’ve done everything from crafting the mission statement to planning the restructured site. It is heady, high-level and detailed work: in rewriting web pages, I’ve needed to explain a complicated product in a clear, concise, engaging (and don’t forget SEO-friendly) manner.

Some samples:

  • KeyShot Jewelry web pages and LinkedIn ads: I led this project. I provided the structure and copy, and consulted with the product and creative teams, to produce three web pages and several LinkedIn ads focused on a key vertical for this 3D rendering software.
  • The Hidden Dangers of Shipping Genetics: I created this sponsored ad package for a niche industry publication.  I wrote the article, designed the ads on the page, set up the tracking links and reported on performance. (Note: the ads have expired, so they’re no longer available.)
  • This LinkedIn post highlights one of the articles I ghost wrote for the executives; the leaders wanted Cryoport to be considered a thought leader in the biotech industry, and this article was also a great piece for the sales team to share on LinkedIn.
  • This blog for a UK-based site called IVF Babble is another one I wrote. I provided several articles, social posts, and graphics for this site in an effort to expand Cryoport’s IVF services (called CryoStork) in the UK.