Growth Marketing

Growth Marketing & Lead Generation

I dipped my toes into online lead generation while working for Michigan’s second largest community college. I discovered that most searches in our county were actually for another out-of-county community college entirely, so I built a campaign redirecting those searches.

That experience served me well when I started working for Cryoport, Inc., a very fast-growing supply chain company. In about a year, I grew our monthly online leads from around 12-15 to 130, all for a much better ROI. I also crafted content marketing pieces (supplying the writing and graphics myself) for Cryoport’s different audiences.

To cover gaps in my self-taught marketing experience, I earned my Digital Marketing Professional Certification from the American Marketing Association in Dec. 2021.

Some samples:

  • The Hidden Dangers of Shipping Genetics: I created this sponsored ad package for a niche industry publication.  I wrote the article, designed the ads on the page, set up the tracking links and reported on performance.
  • This LinkedIn post highlights one of the articles I ghost wrote for the executives; the leaders wanted Cryoport to be considered a thought leader in the biotech industry, and this article was also a great piece for the sales team to share on LinkedIn.
  • This blog for a UK-based site called IVF Babble is another one I wrote. I provided several articles, social posts, and graphics for this site in an effort to expand Cryoport’s IVF services (called CryoStork) in the UK.