At heart, I am a writer.

I started scribbling stories and poems in my bedroom when I was eight. Fast forward to young adulthood, when I earned an M.A. in Journalism from the University of Missouri, a prestigious journalism program. My degree provided me an excellent foundation for a variety of storytelling methods.

Some writing samples:

Professional Blogging & Thought Leadership (Ghostwriting): Sometimes writing means you don’t get a byline. You’ll notice a very similar style to mine, though.

Journalism & Features:

  • Hugs and DrugsHow a 200-sq-ft pharmacy, tucked in the back of a liquor store, became a critical dispensary for HIV/AIDS and cancer patients.
  • Boone County Public Defenders Refuse Cases: After years of being denied the funding needed to properly function, public defenders began refusing to take on clients assigned to them. This piece examines how this situation came to be.

Personal Essays: See more at waywardshe.com, the site I created to feature my personal essay collection.